“ …like every generation before, we live in the aftermath (Jackson 2014).

What characterises our time is that we live in the aftermath of industrialised design that has been developed within a modernist framework and is guided by anthropocentric as well as progressivist imaginaries. In other words, the focus of design has been on making people’s lives easier and better, and enabling continuous progress, through making new things. This focus on what is made, rather than what is replaced, left behind and becoming waste, has and will continue to contribute to urgent environmental and ecological concerns. We are thus reminded that the past matters.  

The Un/Making Studio takes as its starting point that design both makes and unmakes practices, materials, ways of life, relations, aesthetics, dreams and utopias. The studio works with this in a double movement of making and unmaking, contrasting much other design and design research which focuses on the creation of the new.

Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl run the studio as part of the design research project Un/Making Matters: maintenance, repair and composting and other ways of caring for that which has already been made with funding from the Swedish Research Council.

The Un/Making Studio tar som sin utgångspunkt att design både gör och ogör praktiker, material, leverne, relationer, estetiker, drömmar och utopier. The Un/Making Studio arbetar därmed med en dubbel rörelse av görande och ogörande, till skillnad från mycket annan design och designforskning som fokuserar på skapandet av det nya.

Studion drivs av Kristina Lindström och Åsa Ståhl, med medel från Vetenskapsrådet.