Invitation to Un/Making Hand Pollination

The Un/Making Studio invites you to share stories and experiences of un/making hand pollination. The material we’re collecting is meant to be used in public engagement workshops on un/making hand pollination in plant-pollinator relationships out of sync.

Have you ever acted as a kind of stand-in pollinator? What plant did you pollinate, in that case? What was out of sync? Where was it growing? What tool did you use? Do you know what pollinator(s) you were acting as? Do you know of any other plant-pollinator relationships that would be in need of care? How would you approach it?

Would you like to contribute to the Un/Making Studio’s collection of different practices of pollination that humans are involved in?

Please, share for example images and captions with us – either by using #unmakinghandpollination on instagram or by sending it to