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The Un/Making Studio has been collaborating with Li Jönsson and Saskia Gullstrand on creating posters in a tradition of poetic comics. They focus on three plant-pollinator relationships involving humans, where almonds, strawberries and red clover are central. The posters all have an anatomical panel in the middle supplemented by other kinds of narrative panels showing factual and speculative natureculture relationships. The posters are anchored in history, thick presents and un/made futures. 

Please, for careful politics of referencing, properly reference Saskia Gullstrand as the illustrator and the Un/Making Pollination project if you show the poster. Original risograf-prints in collaboration with Comics Research Lab


Download poster for print in greyscale (A3-format)

Download postcards in red, black and green


Download poster for print in greyscale (A3-format)

Red Clover

Download poster for print in greyscale (A3-format)