Un/Making Pollination

How do (often) thin predictions and speculations of the future, such as pollinators going extinct, influence the way we act in the present and the here and now. How do they influence how we relate to the future? And how do these future-oriented narratives relate to who becomes an allied with whom? 

In a series of events the Un/Making Studio in collaboration with Li Jönsson explore thick presents and how to un/make futures through making, tasting, sweating and discussing.

Imagining Collaborative Future-Making

Appetizers for Un/Made Futures was the first in a series of events were participants are invited to explore how to approach thin futures differently. It was part of the Imagining Collaborative Future-Making Symposium at Malmö University. The Un/Making Studio together with Li Jönsson served popcorn to get at taste of a thin future where pollinators have gone extinct. To open up for discussions on other ways to work with imaginaries we had also made recipes for Marzipan Delight and Apple Punch and brought ingredients from a thick present. The ingredients were chosen to tell stories of pollination by humans, tech-drones, GMO and extremely controlled breeding of bees. The participants were asked to imagine altered versions of these recipes, situated in the past, in a present elsewhere or in an imagined future. 

Stickiness, sweat and laughter were combined with thoughts on labour, what might be left, alternatives to the given ingredients and healing.